Replacing gasoline as a fuel source in commercial and residential mowers helps increase alternative fuel consumption, decrease our nation’s dependence on imported oil, and improve our air quality. PERC works with partners to research, develop, and certify new propane engines for commercial and residential mowers, including certification and testing of propane-fueled engines that meet California Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency Blue Sky qualifications.


Manufacturers are also developing conversion kits that enable gasoline-fueled mowers to use propane, allowing users to save fuel costs and help clean the environment with their existing mowers.




Propane-fueled mowers offer the following benefits: 

  • A viable pathway for complying with federal alternative fuel vehicle requirements for fleets.

  • Simple, often on-site, refueling processes.

  • Cost-effective development of on-site refueling infrastructure.

  • Purchase or conversion rebates and incentives offered by federal and state organizations.

  • Tax credits and exemptions on refueling costs.

  • Almost 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 80 percent reduction in carbon monoxide.

  • Elimination of the potential for fuel theft and spillage.


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For more information about propane-fueled mowers' mechanical specifications, availability, safe handling, and maintenance, please visit one of the following manufacturers.


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